We work with farmer cooperatives, women cooperatives and individual farmers from different regions in Palestine. Olive oil farmers are mainly situated in the northern part of the West bank while Medjoul Dates are found in eastern part of the West Bank like Jericho and the Jordan Valley.

Most of the farmers we work with especially those in the olive oil sector have inherited their lands and orchards from their forefathers. The olive trees mostly comprise of the Nabali Baladi and modified Nabali varieties, which are believed to produce top quality olives that are superior to all other olive trees. These trees are a descent from the roman trees that were brought here few thousand years ago.

Farmers care for their trees using traditional methods passed down through the generations and they use a traditional organic fertilizer and the trees are only rain fed. The only modern techniques used in olive farming are pheromone flytraps that catch olive fruit flies that harm the olive produce. Due to the rocky and steep nature of the land in our region, farmers mostly use manual plowing.

Women cooperatives produce traditional food such as Zatar (Thyme mix), Friekeh (roasted green wheat), Maftoul (couscous), olive oil soap, pickles etc…