We are a Palestinian company that markets Premium Palestinian farmers’ natural products locally and internationally. Our products are carefully sourced, classified and packaged. We market our products under our own brand and we do private label for customers as well.

We work with olive oil which is considered to be one of the leading products produced in Palestine and is heavily used within the Palestinian community and as an essential part of a wholesome diet worldwide. Palestinian olive oil has a wide variety of health benefits especially as it has high concentration of oleic acid.

We also work with other Palestinian products such as Medjoul dates, Za’tar (thyme), Friekeh, Maftoul, Tahina, and pickled olives.  All the products we work with are healthy to eat and are becoming popular in the world especially among the vegetarian and vegan communities. Medjoul Dates have a wide variety of health benefits and they can be produced only in few countries in the world.

Our olive oil is produced in the central and northern areas of the West Bank. Medjoul dates are produced in the Jordan Valley and Jericho and the rest of the products are produced all over the West Bank.

We recommend storing olive oil in dark glass containers in a dark cool place away from direct sunlight or heat. Dates are better to buy in small quantities and refrigerate. For the rest like Friekeh, Maftoul, and Zatar we recommend storing them in a dry place.