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Our Slogan: Believing in Land and People

Mount of Green Olives (MGO) was established at the end of 2005 as a company that markets Palestinian olive oil and other agricultural and olive oil related products. The company was established by a group of Palestinian experts in the field of olive oil production. MGO is committed to the development of Palestinian olive oil production through implementing extension programs to help Palestinian olive oil producers produce the highest quality olive oil in accordance with international standards. MGO markets all of our products in international markets on a fair trade basis.

MGO buys olive oil and other agricultural products from the farmers on a fair-trade basis to sell in international markets.

MGO  became FLO (Fair trade) certified for olive oil in January of 2010. Our products can be packaged using the FLO logo and can be marketed in FLO certified shops around the world. Due to the high cost of producing olive oil, we found that it is in our farmers’ best interest to earn FLO certification, enabling them to sell their products on a fair trade basis, increasing their revenues and offsetting the high cost of production.

MGO Strengths

  • Our experience working in olive oil and our ability to adapt to the changes and demands of the market.
  • Our ability to work side by side with the farmers and press mills giving us some control over the quality of olive oil produced.
  • Our ability to do training courses for the farmers and press mill operators to explain to them the importance and significance of following the necessary steps to ensure the production of high quality olive oil.
  • Our storage facility that consists only of stainless steel tanks to store our olive oil
  • Having the Palestinian olive oil, which is known to be the best olive oil in the world and have the highest concentrates of nutrients and health benefits among all the rest of the olive oils worldwide.

MGO Objectives

  • Market Palestinian olive oil in international markets.
  • Contribute in improving and producing high quality Palestinian olive oil.
  • Contribute in development of olive oil pressing mills.
  • Contribute in the increment of income for rural people.
  • Build and market a brand image for Palestinian olive oil.
  • Produce high quality packaging.
  • Create jobs for the rural community to improve their living standards.

Our aim is to improve the standards of living of Olive farmers by marketing the Palestinian Olive Oil internationally, thus ensuring Palestinian olive oil meets quality standards and is internationally competitive.

MGO Olive Oil

Extra virgin and virgin olive oil is produced from first cold press of harvested olives. To preserve the olive oil’s vitamin properties and insure that the antioxidants remain intact, olives are handpicked from the tree and immediately pressed at the pressing mill. Farmers carefully choose the right time to hand pick their olives, and carefully monitor the pressing process in order to produce the highest quality olive oil possible. Pressing is carried out using modern machinery that maintains the natural characteristics of the olives.

Each phase of the oil production is carried out with utmost care making our products of the highest quality. MGO Olive Oil is produced exclusively from olives grown by our members on traditional Palestinian olive orchards. A product of strictly organic cultivation, our olive oil is a wholesome food and an essential part of any healthy diet.
The result of patient and attentive work is olive oil with outstanding characteristics; a green hue with flashes of gold, medium thickness, a fruity aroma and a full-bodied intensive taste.

MGO performs two types of tests to determine the quality of the olive oil, an organoleptic test and a chemical test. As a result of strict quality standards and state of the art quality assurance processes, MGO has been awarded Golden Olive Award in Palestine every year since 2008. Our olive oil is also listed in FLOS OLEI 2010.

The organoleptic test is used to identify defects in Olive Oil. Superior quality extra virgin olive oil must be free of defects. MGO performs organoleptic tests on all olive oil samples collected from farmers and cooperatives to determine quality levels. The test is conducted several times to ensure that the product retains its qualities after every stage of the production process.

The chemical test provides data on acidity and peroxide levels. The Extra Virgin Olive oil's acidity is maximum 0.8% and the peroxide value is equal or less than 20 meq. O2/kg. Virgin olive oil's acidity should not exceed 2.0% and the peroxide value is equal or less than 20 meq. O2/kg.

Palestinian olive oil is known to have the highest amount of the beneficial oleic acid, up to 83%. It is also known for its attributes in terms of associated desirable aromas.

The Quality of our olive oil has been improving as a result of hard work and constant monitoring. MGO also provides ongoing extension and training programs for farmers. MGO receives assistance in development of production capacity and quality from our partners such as Oxfam Belgium, Mennonite, UNDP, and GVC-EU.

Product Catalogue

MGO markets out products under the Green o’LIVE brand. MGO offers the ability to customize Green o’LIVE product orders. MGO can accommodate special requests for product unit sizes and for specialized packaging. We also offer our products for sale in bulk to distributors who wish to package products at the destination of the goods.